Season 4 Grouping Rules & Compensation

Time: 2021-12-23 16:19:15

Greetings my Lord!


The long-awaited S4 is about to start!

In the new season, servers will be regrouped. What kind of opponents will you face this time?

Before the start of the S4, the servers that are about to enter the S4 will be temporarily under maintenance. The specific maintenance time will be announced after the Season is settled.


Group List

Server 1-Server 18



The login entrance remains unchanged

After the start of the S4, the character login entrance remains unchanged.


Duplicate name

After the server grouping, if there are characters with the same names, the system will add a number after the in-game name to distinguish it. For the Lord whose name has been changed, the system will issue a rename item via mail as compensation, which will be valid within 3 days of the start of the new Season.


First recharge bonus reset

    In the S4 season, the first recharge for each tier of gem items will get you a 100% gold bonus.


Character data reset

In order to have a better gaming experience, let the Lord once again enjoy the fun of contending for the world, when entering Season 4, most of the Lord's data will be reset, and only the following data will be retained:

  • Keep the number of gems and gold coins held
  • Keep the monthly pass and the current remaining days of collection
  • Keep the equipment and materials held
  • Keep the heroes, heroes advancement rank, and awakening status held
  • Keep all learned skills, inherited skills and skills learning progress
  • Keep the progress of event skills



For Lords from Server 15/Server 16/Server 17/Server 18

1Obtain S1+S2+S3 settlement rewards at the same timeS2&S3 rewards are based on S1's settlement result.

2Access of  S2+S3+S4 Season Card Pack, Achievement Card Pack and Arrival of Hero Card Pack at the same time

345 free draws of S2/S3/S4 Arrival of Hero Card Pack (draws shared)

445 Legendary recruiting decrees (free draw for Legendary Recruitment)

54 Orange gear bags

63500 gold

7200 Merits