[Rise of Warlords] Introduction

Time: 2021-06-21 20:44:02

[Rise of Warlords] Introduction

1. Early-game Growth Heroes

Cultivating your land is incredibly important during the early game, and the initial strategy adopted directly influences the resource difference of different players. I will herein recommend a set of heroes aimed at setting you up for a solid early game:
Heimdall (main) + Valkyrie + Cavalry Hero of A+

This lineup has great restorative ability. The Rune Saintsword provides high damage and recovery, and by setting Heimdall as your commander you can increase the chance of activating skills. Valkyrie's Fearless Charge taunts enemies, helping your main general survive. Heimdall has a cavalry power of S and Valkyrie one of A, so couple that with an A+ cavalry hero. For this one, just choose one that you have access to. This lineup is incredibly potent during the early game when you have lower force. What's more, as Heimdall and Valkyrie can be acquired from a first purchase and total purchase, they're not all that difficult to get.

2. Obtaining Heroes

①During the early game you can acquire heroes by progressing in the story.

②You may also recruit new heroes.

③Or they can be gained from activities and first purchase.

④Investigations also have a chance of granting heroes.

3. Unit Force & Territory Difficulties

Naturally, territories of a higher difficulty pose a greater threat. An army's power is tied to the strength of hero skills, hero level, gear, force, and morale. You can find the recommended troop size and hero stats for territory levels 1-7 below.

(empty land, level 1)

(level 2)

(level 3)

(level 4)

(level 5)

(level 6)

(level 7)

4. Skill Points & Upgrading Skills

Skill points are required to upgrade hero skills. Skills points can be attained by retiring heroes, or by converting silver and gold. Coin conversion grants an ordinary amount of skill points, whereas gold conversion grants double the amount. Below you can find the skill points gained by retiring heroes of different star levels.
  Silver Gold
1-Star Heroes 5 10
2-Star Heroes 10 20
3-Star Heroes 20 40
4-Star Heroes 40 80
5-Star Heroes 80 160

More potent skills required more skill points to upgrade. The following is a list of skill point costs depending on skill rarity:
  S A A & B
1 60 50 40
2 240 200 160
3 540 450 360
4 840 700 560
5 1080 900 720
6 1320 1100 880
7 1560 1300 1040
8 1800 1500 1200
9 2040 1700 1360

5. Morale

Morale plays a vital part in battle and will directly affect the damage of your army. Read on for a bit of information on how morale works.
1. Your army's morale decreases by one for each grid they march. They regain 1 morale for every 2 minutes they spend standing still.
2. Each morale lost decreases your damage by 0.7%. (No damage is lost while between 100-120 morale)
3. Your army immediately regains full morale upon returning to your city.
4. The Triumphal arch increases your army's morale cap, enabling you to exceed the base 100. Each level of the arc increases the morale cap by 4.